Using GurneyGoo for the Coast to Coast

Crossing rivers on the NZ Coast to Coast

It's 243Km from the West coast to the East and it's going to take an absolute minimum of around 11 hours of constant movement to make it - and that's if you're at the pointy end, it's a lot longer for most.

The last thing you need is a blister or a chafe that you have to live with for the duration of the race - that's going to slow you down. Worse than that it's going to affect how you move and put you at risk of a joint or muscle injury from that change in gait or stroke.

The New Zealand Coast to Coast is the home race for GurneyGoo. It's where Steve first made his mark on the world, and he still holds the record for most wins.

As an adventure race, the Coast to Coast presents some classic adventure racing issues that GurneyGoo solves.

There's the cycling to start with - as a chamois creme, GurneyGoo is extremely long lasting and will see you through the race, plus there are advantages to having the disinfectant qualities of the tea tree oil. Picking up painful rubs on the first leg of the race is not how you get to the finish.

If race day brings rain you'll be even more pleased you used something to prevent water absorption in your skin and to reduce the friction of waterlogged cycle shorts, on a hot day it will stop your sweat from causing problems.

The mountain run takes you through the river almost from the start, this is another place the water resistance of GurneyGoo shines. Its durability will see you through the 33km long run over Goat's Pass. The start of the run is a good place to apply another coat to your hands in preparation for the 67Km kayak section.

The next short cycle shouldn't present any chafing problems with your initial coating still being in place from the first bike ride.

If you have picked up any unexpected rubs give them a coating in the bike-kayak transition - but DON'T put it on yourself at this point as the initial slipperiness will see you thoroughly losing your grip on your paddle. This is when having a close mate in your support crew can really help!

It's worth adding another coat to your groin & inner thighs before you head off on the final bike ride. Even if you don't think you need it, it's not going to do any harm and finding out you wanted more part way through the ride is just going to slow you down and make the race much less enjoyable.

Using GurneyGoo in your training sessions will help you get to the start line in good shape and will let you focus on the really important aspects of training - heart rate, endurance and technique - rather than letting skin pain distract you and pull your energy from your core mission.

GurneyGoo lets you go Further, Faster, Easier!