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Why GurneyGoo?

GurneyGoo was invented to win in any conditions, in any location, every time.

A pretty ambitious aim, but that's what it takes to dominate a sport and to stay at the top for years. The phrase 'To finish first, first you must finish' has never been truer than when used to refer to your feet and skin in endurance events. The list of D.N.F.s due to avoidable skin issues in endurance events is extremely long.

Steve Gurney invented GurneyGoo so his team could focus on their strategy and technique instead of being slowed down, or forced to DNF, due to skin issues. His years of success in single & multi-day adventure racing speak volumes about the effectiveness of the product. Topical skin infections are a major risk on multi-day races, the addition of Tea-Tree oil puts a stop to many bacterial, fungal and viral infections - matched with the reduction in skin abrasion GurneyGoo is a powerful tool for anywhere infection is likely to be an issue. It was used on the Amazon5000, keeping feet free from infection & chafing through the wet tropical conditions and has been used to win the Marathon des Sable.

What is GurneyGoo?

A topical 'jelly' or creme that forms a breathable layer over the user's skin to prevent rubbing, chafing and blisters. It contains Silicon, Tea-Tree oil and Beeswax plus Petrolatum providing an easy to use non-staining, infection resistant anti-chafe solution.

GurneyGoo is not tested on animals.

Which Ultra athletes use GurneyGoo?


GurneyGoo was invented in New Zealand to meet the demands of the local environment and to perform at the highest level of international competition.

It is manufactured in Auckland, New Zealand.

From small beginnings, GurneyGoo is now found in pharmacies, running shops, kayaking shops, outdoor outfitters, and adventure shops in 13 countries. Are you interested in becoming a retailer or distributor in your area? If so, please contact us.


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