Paddlers “handy” tip

Cook straight kayak

5 times, I’ve kayaked across the Cook Strait  (the stretch of ocean between the North and South Islands of New Zealand). The strait can be deadly treacherous at times, but with thorough, preparation, planning and patience to wait for a weather window, it can be a stunningly scenic, and very rewarding paddle.
It’s only 4 to 5 hours staunch paddling between the 2 closest points of land, but then a kayaker must add another 8 hours to access get-in and get-out points. (4 hours through the scenic Marlborough sounds to get to Picton on the South Island and another 4 hours to get around the rocky coast to Wellington city on the North Island.) So camping or not, whichever way you look at it, this adventure, is a solid endurance paddle, with blisters on your hands and chafing on bum and armpits an inevitability….
…unless one uses GurneyGoo that is!
For chafing prevention, I smear GurneyGoo on the usual bum chafing spots; where the seat edges are, where there are any seams on my paddling pants, where my paddling pants waist top is, (and of course a good dollop on my anus). Then there are other common upper garment chafing spots around underarms, nipples and under chins where there are any collars.

For blister prevention on my hands, I rub GurneyGoo into my hands thoroughly the night before departure. Then again 2 or 3 hours before departure. (no sooner or the paddle shaft will be too slippery).

I swear by this double rub technique for kayak hands and have not had any blisters or chafing on any of my endurance paddles since.