Hiya NZDF GurneyGoo fans 🖐

Here’s the story;

A while back, I was at a multisport event. A couple of enthusiastic competitors bounded up to me, raving about how GurneyGoo had saved them from blisters and chaffing, not only in their race, but also in their field-training with the Army.


The standard issue Army clothing is sometimes a bit rough on the skin, and with the long hours in field training, along with wet socks, pruned skin etc, GurneyGoo had saved them considerable discomfort. But it was their own personal supply of GurneyGoo.


They requested that I approach the NZDF procurement department to make GurneyGoo available to them through the Army instead of them having to use their personal supply for work purposes.


So I’ve approached the NZDF but have come to a hurdle….They want the names of the soldiers who weighted upon me to get GurneyGoo into the supplies dept.


Unfortunately, I didn’t take their contact details.


So this is where I’m looking for testimonials from any NZDF GurneyGoo customers.


And on a related note, BIG thanks to all of the NZDF folks who are helping our team of 5 million through pandemics, earthquakes and other challenging times. It’s comforting to know you have our backs.

Training hard in the NZDF - needs GurneyGoo